Riposta Cup 2023

The Riposta Cup was born out of the desire to put Romania on the map of great fencing competitions in the world. The competition for cadets is part of the official calendar of the European Fencing Confederation.

The event has grown from one edition to the next and this year we have registered the largest participation: 460 athletes from 25 countries.

The sixth edition took place on 28 and 29 January 2023 at the Polyvalent Hall in Bucharest.


28.01.2023 – Sabre men individual

227 athletes from 23 countries took part, with Romania being represented by 44 sabre fencers.

Final ranking:

1st place – Francesco Pagano (Italy)

2nd place – Casian Cîdu (Romania)

3rd place – Matteo Ottaviani (Italy) and Furkan Yaman (Turkey)

Results by other Romanian athletes: Dacian Enache – 8th place, David Nicolae Militaru – 59th place, Tudor Moise – 67th place, Alexandru Miculescu – 79th place, Alexandru Eva – 88th place, Cristian Gavrilă – 96th place.

28.01.2023 – Sabre women teams

37 teams from 13 countries participated. Romania was represented by 5 teams, including: Romania 1 – Rosemarie Benciu, Amalia Covaliu, Anastasia Fusea, Alexandra Mitruș, Romania 2 – Adelina Elena Butum, Ioana Guliciuc, Ștefania Boncioagă, Yasmin Sezer, Romania 3 – Maria Bădulescu, Ana Dejescu, Teona Maria Icnoțiu, Ema Cîrligeanu, Romania 4 – Andreea Mitruș, Petra Pătrănoiu, Eva Bobeș, Alexia Lorena Dan and Romania 5 – Ioana Condrea, Alexia Grosu, Daria Miron.

Final ranking:

1st place – USA

2nd place – Hungary

3rd place – Turkey

4th place – Great Britain

The teams representing our country were ranked: 12th (Romania 2), 17th (Romania 1), 20th (Romania 3), 23rd (Romania 4) and 36th (Romania 5) respectively.

29.01.2023 – Sabre men teams

44 teams from 15 countries participated. Romania was represented by 5 teams, including: Romania 1 – Casian Cîdu, Dacian Enache, Alexandru Eva, Cristian Macovei, Romania 2 – David Nicolae Militaru, Tudor Moise, Andrei Busuioc, Cristian Gavrilă, Romania 3 – Alexandru Miculescu, Nichita Nistor, Chrisley Tatulescu, Mihnea Munteanu, Romania 4 – Tudor Ioan Borcea, Horia Nițu, Sergiu Vasilescu, Michael Ene and Romania 5 – Sebastian Căpățână, Rareș Munteanu, Ștefan Tomac.

Final ranking:

1st place – Romania 1

2nd place – France

3rd place – Turkey

4th place – Bulgaria

The other teams representing our country were ranked 23 (Romania 2), 36 (Romania 3), 38 (Romania 4) and 39 (Romania 5) respectively.

29.01.2023 – Sabre women individual

225 women from 20 countries participated, with 56 sabre fencers representing Romania.

Final ranking:

1st place – Csenge Konya (Hungary)

2nd place – Amalia Covaliu (Romania)

3rd place – Nadin Toth (Hungary) and Sophia Chin (USA)

Results by other Romanian athletes: Alexandra Mitruș – 14th place, Anastasia Fusea – 45th, Andreea Beatrice Adăniloaie – 46th, Adelina Elena Butum – 65th, Adriana Maria Geatara – 66th, Rosemarie Benciu – 71st, Ema Cîrligeanu – 77th, Sofia Corlătescu – 89th.

Great shows

During the two days of the competition, spectators at the Polyvalent Hall were treated to extraordinary performances by Loredana and Taraful Agurida (28 January), Provincialii (29 January) and the dance troupe Trouble Academy (both days).

All this was made possible thanks to the help of our sponsors and supporters. Thank you for your support both on behalf of the Riposta Sports Club and on behalf of all the children who had the opportunity to participate in a competition organised to the highest international standards. We assure you of our appreciation and look forward to future collaborations!

Photo credits: Bogdan Buda

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