About us

Riposta Sports Club Association is the first private fencing club in Romania, founded in 2008, which currently has about 70 members and the newest training hall in the country.


Riposta S.C. was born from the love of sport and of movement, of two people: Constantin Sandu and Lucian Dina. They both were competitive sportsmen and they began, while still competing, to explain fencing movements to amateurs who wanted to practice this sport for pleasure.

“It all started with a sabre,” Sandu recalls. “It was 2001, I had just won the Champions Cup and a neighbour asked me to give her one of my items for the first online sales site in Romania. I gave her one of my sabres.” The sabre was bought by a gentleman who, after some time, came to the two friends for some fencing lessons.

They both enjoyed mentoring, but as members of the national team, they couldn’t do it regularly or extensively. Nevertheless, they continued, as time allowed, to make the public aware of the nobility, elegance and benefits of the sport.


Our community of adult amateurs has gradually grown over the years.

In 2007, at a fencing competition in Amsterdam, Constantin and Lucian invited a few members and suggested they bout together in the teams competition. And they made it to the podium! That was the spark that started it all. The amateurs suggested that they create a club where future performance athletes could be raised.

And so the Association was born, and a year later, the Sports Club, one that had as its motto the words of Prof. C. Dragan, “Movement is a vital requirement of the human being, just like natural environmental factors: water, air, sun”.

The community has grown more and more each year. It started with 6 children and their parents and has grown to 70 members, with almost 2000 friends and followers of the club’s Facebook page. It’s a strong community, noted nationally and internationally.

Active members of the community are also partners and sponsors, without whose help the dozens of camps, organised competitions and extra-sport activities held over the years would not be possible.


The goal of any sports club is to perform. In our 14 years of activity we have won over 300 medals with our children, cadets, juniors and seniors. We started with national medals and in recent years we have also won medals at continental and world competitions. The big dream, which we are convinced will become a reality one day, is that one of the children raised at our club will be on the podium at the Olympic Games.

Another achievement we are proud of is the organisation of the Riposta Cup since 2009. We started with the Riposta Cup Kids, followed by the Riposta Cup U17 (since 2020 included in the European Cadet Circuit, which registered over 400 competitors from 22 countries in 2022) and the Sabre Circuit, a fencing tournament consisting of 3 competitions held in Romania, Greece and Bulgaria, ending with a Masters dedicated to the best performers. We are thus creating the excitement of the big championships at a young age.

We also consider it an achievement to set up the club’s own training gym, from two halls dedicated to the construction of printing moulds, started in November 2020 and inaugurated in March 2021, in the premises of the Free Press House, where we have benefited from an extraordinary opening for the project. The space has 450 square meters, two training rooms equipped with 7 fully equipped fencing strips, a physical training area equipped with high-performance equipment, locker rooms, showers, storage spaces and an office.